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CEA is the future of farming and Grow-tec enables the technology that unlocks the benefits of CEA.

Using a technology based approach, CEA revolutionizes food production. Using indoor agriculture and vertical farming, CEA replaces conventional agriculture while dramatically reducing land usage, water consumption and environmental impact. It enables premium quality crops at much higher yields at any location adjacent to centers of consumption and is independent of any geographic, climactic or seasonal constraints.




Grow-tec powers this revolution. We provide cutting edge technologies coupled with professional services including consulting, facility planning, design and implementation (including turn-key project delivery), as well as post project support.


Grow-tec’s comprehensive technology solutions for controlled farming include state of the art irrigation and fertigation automation, exceptionally high yield drying rooms, growing systems (soilless, aeroponics, hydroponics, NFT), humidity control, HVAC, energy management, bespoke LED lighting as well as seeding & harvesting automation.

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Building on the exceptional expertise of our founder, Shlomy Raziel, a world renowned expert in the field of Cannabis cultivation and CEA, the company harbors unparalleled engineering, manufacturing, agronomic, logistics and operational knowhow.

Grow-tec has an impressive track record , having planned and commissioned dozens of greenhouse and indoor projects worldwide.

We are your one-stop-shop for CEA.