Control Panel

 A control panel with a local screen is installed outside of each room. This provides full external control of humidity, temperature and other aspects of the room. All the relevant data is saved and can be exported for reports and analysis. All sensors and systems can be calibrated and validated for full GMP compliance.

HEPA Filter

The inwards flow of air to the room is through a HEPA filter to create a particulate-free environment. Air flows out through a carbon filter preventing the transfer of odors.

Laminar Air Flow

The internal air flow is through the slots in the walls, parallel to the gaps between the trays. This perfectly targets the flower,and  then moving the air into the room and up to the ceiling.

Weighing Rack System

Track weight data from start to finish in real time. At the beginning of the process the operator calibrates the wet weight and the final target weight. Once the target weight is reached, the operator will receive a push notification. This enables realtime tracking of the drying process.


Track harvest weight data from start to finish in real time. Once reaching targeted weight the operator will receive a push notification on their cellphone. Also push notifications for temperature control, humidity control, Air Flow and Air intensity, and door opening.

Non Thermal Plasma

Air in the room is treated by an active Non Thermal Plasma (NTP) system, ensuring the avoidance of bacterial and virus contaminations. This diminishes the need for harmful UV light to kill bacteria. The NTP System acts as an ionizer, neutralizing any virus it meets. This is a patent pending technology.

Space Utilization & Airflow

Carefully designed to optimize space utilization without compromising on airflow, each shelf loaded with flower has directed airflow (see the “notches” on the walls). This ensures even drying for all the trays. A small electric forklift is required to lift the top rack.


We understand the value of the product, and have designed accordingly.